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Adult DDA Program

Our Adult DDA Services Program functions to provide adults living with developmental disabilities the opportunity to experience quality training and developmental growth in a variety of settings, which promote community inclusion and participation, relationship building with peers, and positive social behaviors…while taking part in fun and enjoyable activities. Services are also geared toward meeting specific needs of families, as we understand the ability to access needed services support families to function in the most positive, productive manner possible.

Our program focus on the concepts of community integration, community inclusion, and volunteerism (or, citizenship). LIFE Incorporated strongly feels our agency’s employees and participants should proactively make efforts to interact with and support our local community through various citizenship and volunteer activities. These activities provide participants in our program the opportunity to develop functional skills, form relationships with others, integrate into normalized community locations and activities, as well as, take pride and gain self-esteem in assisting others less fortunate or in need of a helping hand!

Developmental therapy consists of intensive skills training to assist adults to improve functional skill level, enhance and achieve independence, and increase abilities related to self-help skills, mobility, learning, receptive and expressive language, self-direction, capacity for independent living, and economic self-sufficiency, and decrease maladaptive behaviors.

Home-Based developmental therapy assists the adult to achieve goals in the home-based setting by assisting the person to learn and perform skills related to dressing, hygiene and grooming, bathing, toileting, basic meal preparation, and attending to basic household maintenance tasks and responsibility for personal belongings.

Center-Based developmental therapy assists the adult to develop functional skills in a safe, controlled environment, which will be utilized in a variety of settings. Center-Based supports assist the adult to access and meet goals in a variety of settings, by assisting the adult to remain on task, follow directions, follow routines and schedules, request assistance and support as needed, and appropriately interact and form relationships with peers.

Community-Based developmental therapy assists the adult to achieve goals in the community, by promoting personal safety skills, appropriate interactions and relationships with peers in the community setting, eating in public, accessing transportation, increasing shopping and social skills, and identifying strangers versus community helpers.